Day 1 - Python Programming

On our first day, we were introduced to a powerful programming language called Python. From there, we learned about variables, strings, inputs, and so much more!

Today’s Instructor

On our first day, Mr. Ahmad Al Nabulsi was very welcoming and introduced us to the American University of Sharjah as a whole and its Computer Science & Engineering Department. He was a very knowledgeable and informative instructor and I personally enjoyed our first session with him. Prior to joining AUS, Mr. Ahmad Al Nabulsi taught in electrical and computer engineering departments in different institutes across UAE for more than six years.

Mr. Ahmad Al Nabulsi

Camp Coordinator, Lab Instructor


Average Calculator

Using Python, we created our first program, an average calculator. When run, it continuously asks the user to enter a grade. When the user enters a negative number, the program calculates the average of the grades.

Temperature Convertor

When this program is run, it asks the user to enter the temperature they would like to convert (in celcius) and proceeds to convert it to fahrenheit.