Day 2 - Minetest

This day’s instructor introduced us to the basics of building a computer, transistors, circuits, binary numbers, and what computers are composed of.

Today’s Instructor

Although the topic covered by Ms. Salsabeel Shapsough was detailed and packed with information, she managed to maintain a great pace and balance and constantly interacted with us to make sure we were on the right path and weren’t facing any issues when building our Logic Gates in Minetest.

Ms. Salsabeel Shapsough

Lab Instructor


Logic Gates

Click on one of the tabs below to learn more about its corresponding Logic Gate.

Our first Logic Gate, NOT, which only turns on the lamp when the switch is not active.

Our second Logic Gate, AND, which only turns on the lamp when both switches are active.

Our third Logic Gate, OR, which only turns on the lamp when one or both the switches are active.

Our final Logic Gate, XOR, which only turns on the lamp when exclusively one of the switches are active.