12th AUS High School Computing Camp

Even during challenging times, AUS and its wonderful faculty managed to prepare and deliver a wonderful experience for us. A perfect balance between students who were beginners and experts was maintained and as a beginner myself, I never felt excluded as there was always an instructor available whom I could refer to for help. All my expectations were greatly exceeded, and I was able to learn more about different fields in Computer Science, everything from Python, Computer Networks, Machine Learning, and Smart Home Development, to even ones I never thought of myself, such as Logic Gates. Overall, it was a great and interesting way to spend my Winter Break and I looked forward to waking up every day for a new session. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Computer Science.

Camp Highlights

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Day 1 - Python

Starting off strong, we learned about the basics of Python, including inputs, variables, combining strings (concatenation), and loops.

Day 2 - Circuits

Using Minetest, an open-source voxel game engine, we were introduced to and, or, not, and xor logic gates. Furthermore, we understood the basics of a computer, binary, and transistors.

Day 3 - Smart Home Development

On this day, we explored Home I/O, a smart home simulation game. In addition, we created automations using Scratch and even an alarm system in Python!

Day 4 - Mobile Application Development

On yet another interesting day of the camp, we built a Parking Location tracker application using Thunkable, a drag-and-drop mobile app development tool.

Day 5 - Computer Networking

Here, we learned about different numbering systems and conversions from one another. We also built our own computer network using Cisco Packet Tracer.

Day 6 - Machine Learning

On our last day, we discussed artificial intelligence, machine learning, its applications, and methods of teaching an alogrithm.

About this Camp

The AUS High School Computing Camp is  an online educational and entertaining event, targeted at UAE resident students between grades 10-12. During the camp, students will engage in a series of experiments and hands-on activities, related to various topics in Computer Science and Engineering. Students will also explore new grounds of science, and develop essential skills necessary for their future University life.

*taken from camp website

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